Cambridge Sex Therapy

Sexual difficulties are surprisingly common.  Research suggests that more than half of us will experience a problem at some point.  It might be the impact of children, ageing, work, illness, disability or the use of pornography.  In a long term relationship it might be over-familiarity, lack of motivation, or just growing apart.  


Sometimes, things from our past such as what we learnt (or didn't learn) about sex, emotional difficulties, abuse or trauma can affect how we are sexually now - despite our best efforts for things to be different.


Some of us experience specific difficulties such as:


•     loss of desire or a discrepancy of desire

• erectile difficulties

• early (premature) or inhibited (delayed) ejaculation

• orgasmic difficulties

• penetration difficulties (vaginismus and vulval pain)

• sexual addiction

• sexual phobias


Sex therapy is a 'talking therapy' that offers an opportunity to explore, understand and resolve these difficulties.  You don't have to be in a relationship for sex therapy to be helpful.


To make an appointment or find out more contact Pam: or use the form under 'appointments' or call 07814-970154.

I welcome LGBTQ and poly clients.  I am a  qualified and experienced sex and relationship therapist.  I have an MSc in Relationship Therapy, a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy and a Certificate in Couple Counselling.  I am accredited by the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists).  I worked at Cambridge Relate for ten years and provided a weekly clinic at Addenbrookes Hospital for two years.  I taught on Relate's Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy for three years.


I am listed on the Counselling Directory and the RSCPP websites.

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